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Loving Sexuality - Pat Love

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Living Love
Pat Love
1 Hour 47 Minutes
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We have different sexual needs… We are afraid to express our needs… We simply can’t find time for each other. The real couples in Loving Sexuality reflect the very real issues that so many couples face after being together for months, years, or decades.

In this new video, Pat Love, author of the bestselling Hot Monogamy, offers a slew of great ideas on how to reignite the sexual dimension of your relationship. And dimension is key according to Dr. Love, who explains that a fulfilling sexual life — however it is defined — encompasses four essential ingredients: consciousness, chemistry, compatibility, and commitment.

Within each of the “4 C’s,” there are multiple levels of exploration and discovery, which are clarified through a series of thought-provoking — and feeling-provoking — activities. Dr. Love’s intention is to provide a safe place for couples to create positive change.

Loving Sexuality teaches essential skills for an enriched and enduring relationship. It looks at the delicate area of sexual interaction in a clear but gentle way, and provides practical strategies for partners to enhance their pleasure in each other across all dimensions.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-45-6 • 2000 • 120 Minutes