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Getting Unstuck - Michele Weiner-Davis

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Michele Weiner-Davis
1 Hour 57 Minutes
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Michele Weiner-Davis is our premier marriage saver. On this wise, lively and fun tape, she shows how it is done. Her techniques are surprising and eye opening, but basically quite simple — they center on her extraordinary common sense and her boundless optimism about life, marriage, and the human capacity for change. This is Michele at her very best — her optimism is infectious.
– Frank Pittman, M.D. Author of PRIVATE LIES and GROW UP!

The author of numerous books, including Divorce Busting and Getting Through to the Man You Love, Michele Weiner-Davis teaches couples concrete skills for getting out of relationship ruts and managing conflict before it escalates. Her practical approach helps the broad range of couples to identify — and to effectively use — hidden relationship strengths, allowing them to become their own marital experts.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-47-0 • 2000 • 120 Minutes