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Creating Connection - Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks

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Living Love
Kathlyn Hendricks |  Gay Hendricks
1 Hour 41 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Our relationship feels like it is slowly slipping away, but I just don’t know what to do to stop it…

How many of us feel disappointed in the one relationship we had thought would bring us happiness? Now, Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks demonstrate an approach that will open the door to greater mutual satisfaction, to a future of positive possibility.

Theirs is a uniquely holistic approach to relationship enhancement: from breathing exercises that help partners to interrupt old destructive patterns to a series of activities designed to foster vital communication, even in the smallest spaces we share.

Working with real couples, the Hendrickses help partners discover ways to celebrate and explore their relationship as a renewable resource – a precious source of energy and strength.

Creating Connection — an elegantly simple phrase with such broad and profound implications for all couples. Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks bring to this videotape a truly enriching perspective on the nature and nurture of relationships. They are themselves an embodiment of energized connection, modeling and teaching at the same time.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-43-2 • 2000 • 120 Minutes