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Co-Creating a Positive Relationship - Richard Stuart

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Living Love
Richard Stuart
1 Hour 49 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Here’s the premise: A relationship is an ongoing process of co-creation, for better or for worse. This important videotape takes this essential concept and shows couples how to put it into action – for better.

Working with real couples, Dr. Stuart demonstrates a series of exercises he has developed to help them clarify areas of discord and to acknowledge common ground. By delineating pockets of responsibility and forging a greater understanding of oneself and one’s partner, the process – and the promise – of co-creating begins to unfold.

Words such as “acceptance,” “caring,” and others that we associate with positive relationships are often just wish-words, that is, they don’t have meaning in our day-to-day lives. But the activities presented here will help couples to take these words and make them ways.

Co-Creating a Positive Relationship unlocks new opportunities for working as partners to build a more flexible, responsive and stimulating life together.

ISBN: 978-1-932462-46-3 • 2000 • 120 Minutes