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Closet Narcissistic Disorder - The Masterson Approach

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Zeig Tucker Publishers
James F. Masterson, MD
1 Hour 05 Minutes
Audio and Video
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In this dramatic recreation of keymoments in the two-year course of therapy with David C., a 31-year-old patient referred by his physician, pioneering therapist James F. Masterson demonstrates -- for the first time -- how to diagnose and treat one of the yet unclassified in the DSM system, this disorder, Masterson clearly shows, too often presents as an intractable case of borderline personality disorder.

In this groundbreaking video Masterson elucidates, through both treatment and commentary on the reenacted sessions, how to:

  • Differentiate closet narcissistic disorder from other personality disorders;
  • Establish and maintain therapeutic neutrality (a key feature of work with patients with disorders of the self);
  • Implement and evaluate the efficacy of interventions unique to the Masterson Approach, such as confrontation and mirroring interpretations of narcissistic vulnerability;
  • Recognize and deal with countertransference;
  • Identify when the patient is ready to terminate and bring the treatment to a successful conclusion.

"Dr. Masterson draws his original therapeutic approach from a thorough understanding of developmental theory within the self- and object-relational perspective. In this video, which reenacts the treatment of a typical case of "closet narcissism," we are offered a rare inside look at an experienced clinician at work. We see Masterson explicate his theoretical base into concrete moment-to-moment clinical observations, interventions, and technical suggestions. A most valuable teaching tool!"

-- Leo Goldberger, PhS, Professor of Psychology, New York University


Dr. Masterson is Director of the Masterson Institute and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Cornell University Medical College. He Maintains a private practice and also conducts workshops and seminars throughout the United States as well as abroad. He is the author of numerous journal articles and several widely acclaimed books, including, most recently, The Personality Disorders Through the Lens of Attachment Theory and Neurobiologic Development of the Self: A Clinician Integration.